Monolithic black-box approach in other products vs agile, stackable, interoperable building blocks in Slic
Never lose creative freedom, automatic caching policies and content management strategies never affected by on-boarded applications.

Superior architecture

Model of incorporating reusable applications more robust as compared with other products

  • Creative freedom: owing to the merits of API-based integration you will always maintain full creative freedom.
  • Cacheability: onboarded applications follow standard micro-service invocation rules.
  • Integrity of content management framework: exact same consistent rules apply whether page built internally or part of onboarded application.
  • Interoperability: services can interact with one another, a clear advantage over models used in competing products.


All services and applications are registered with Slic through the web-based service registry application. You can browse the available selections, acquire and configure for use on your website, register your own for private or public use. Simple versioning and lifecycle management is supported.

Built-in services

Slic comes with many common-use services and applications and the set will grow with every new release.