Unique approach to building websites
Diametrically different model of developing webpages that guarantees substantial savings across the board
Built-in framework for managing content
Ease of setting up in-context WYSIWYG editing on every page. Common CMS APIs, fully functional website admin out-of-the-box
Integrated caching
Superb, unmatched performance, irrespective of the structure of the pages. Lower bandwidth costs substantially
Platform-as-a -Service Cloud
No hardware owned, leased or rented. No software to download, install, configure, tune or maintain. Web based tools to develop and maintain websites On-demand scalability, elastic use of resources. Hosting fees that are impossible for competition to match Develop and host in the cloud - comfort, convenience, peace of mind
Integrated hosting
Full-featured development environment
On-demand scalability
Elastic billing
Intelligent, unique development model
Modern, micro-service based architecture. Natural, intuitive approach to building webpages, powerful alternative to the MVC paradigm Flat learning curve, no in-depth knowledge required to start developing. Start right away, see results right away Large number of web applications built without any assistance of server-side developer
Technology agnostic
Diametrically different approach to building webpages
Multi-model graph/document data repository
Automatic built-in caching
Consistent approach to content management
Content management in Slic
Haphazard (or simply non-existent) approaches in other products replaced with elegant, consistent strategy featured in Slic Ease of setting up WYSIWYG content editing on ALL website's pages. Full-featured, extensible content management application available out-of-the-box
One common, consistent interface for managing all representations of content
WYSIWYG in-context content editing
Content management application (website admin)
Content authoring tools
Managing images
Services and Web Applications
Monolithic black-box approach in other products vs agile, stackable, interoperable building blocks in Slic. Never lose creative freedom, automatic caching policies and content management strategies never affected by on-boarded applications
Superior architecture
Built-in services
Cost savings in Slic
Reduce total cost of ownership significantly, short, mid and long term development and hosting cost savings. Eliminate admin costs, save on development and hosting costs
Admin costs
Development costs
Hosting costs