Modern, micro-service based architecture. Natural, intuitive approach to building webpages, powerful alternative to the MVC paradigm
Flat learning curve, no in-depth knowledge required to start developing. Start right away, see results right away
Large number of web applications built without any assistance of server-side developer

Technology agnostic

Development not rooted in any programming environment. Micro-services developed in technology of your choice

Diametrically different approach to building webpages

Powerful variation of the standard MVC request processing paradigm, foundation of Slic service-oriented architecture

  • Controller layer broken apart into distinct services, basic implementation of each provided by the platform
  • Server-side coding thus relegated to microservices - small, independent, agile encapsulations of business/application logic
  • Intuitive, DnD-based binding of representation of content to webpages ("view" components)

In addition, microservices are executed outside the main request processing pipeline (vs "inline" in all other competing platforms). This approach notably simplifies large majority of development efforts as engagement of server-side (or "platform") resources are deferred until such need arises. It also gives Slic the following pivotal advantages:

  • Ease of determining cacheability of webpages
  • Ease of establishing WYSIWYG content management techniques as the set of content structures bound to webpages is explicitly known

Slic utilizes Twig as the templating and markup engine. Twig is an easy to learn, full-featured, flexible and extensible framework that performs a multitude of vital functions in Slic


Small, agile, self-contained encapsulations of application logic, the sole representation of server-side coding in Slic. Micro-services are executed via an http(s) call and interact with the platform via the input/output/config trio of XSD descriptors. Slic provides an easy to learn and use scripting language for the purpose of coordinating and orchestrating the execution or micro-services. Micro-services can be built in PHP directly in the development studio or developed externally in the language of your choice. Use Slic service registry to manage the registration, configuration, versioning and lifecycle of micro-services. Many common-purpose micro-services are available out-of-the-box.

Multi-model graph/document data repository

Contemporary concepts in data design, diligently addressing the shortcomings that have plagued SQL-based architectures for decades.

Automatic built-in caching

Slic unique breakthrough architecture allows to automatically determine the cacheability of the pages. No in-depth expertise on applying caching strategies is required, high-end HTTP caching protocols are automatically applied to ALL website's pages. Caching can even be applied to pages considered "dynamic". Advanced cache expiration methods exist for automatic refreshing of content. Eliminate the need for in-house HTTP expertise. Eliminate the burden of maintaining a third-party caching system and the trial-and-error, hit-or-miss nature of cache policies. Eliminate the need for pre-deployment tuning or capacity planning

Consistent approach to content management

Every representation of content - whether images, files or content objects - explicitly defined in our schema manager. Schemas and objects representing content explicitly bound to webpages. End effect - WYSIWYG (in-context) editing can be set up on ALL website's pages. Scope is controlled by the client-side programmer, with the assistance of easy-to-use directives, Twig extensions. Slic also supports programming of layouts which editors use to quickly add pages.