The Challenge
Enterprises face completely new challenges in leveraging Integration software for business growth. IT staff are ill-equipped to handle application integration at the required scale and speed. The technological complexity of the current integration software prohibits business users from defining their own processes on these tools. The dynamic nature of business defined by disruptive competition and ephemeral customer loyalty demands extreme integration agility at enterprise scale.
The Concept
Netrovert’s IntegraBot platform combines AI systems like IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein with Integration platforms like MuleSoft, TIBCO, Workato, and Boomi to provide the most advanced, next-generation solutions to complex business challenges. Along with data-driven processes and AI-powered tools, IntegraBot helps customers integrate internal and external components of their enterprise with ease.
The approach
Meaningful data is the key to solve many pressing business challenges. However, the data is distributed in various formats across the enterprise and requires an intelligent platform to make the most of it. IntegraBot combines data from multi-platform systems to extract intelligence and create holistic and meaningful data structures that people can understand, clarifying overall business process, customers and products.
The value
IntegraBot’s powerful AI algorithms provide enough inputs to draw relationships between different parameters, uncover patterns, and find insights. Probabilistic and machine learning methods bring advanced capabilities to classify, cluster, and forecast - making predictive analysis easy to process data in real-time and continuously generate fresh, relevant intelligence to support business agility.
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