Reduce total cost of ownership significantly, short, mid and long term development and hosting cost savings
Eliminate admin costs, save on development and hosting costs.

Admin costs

Eliminate your admin costs entirely - all monitoring automatically performed by Slic. No hardware is owned, hosted or rented, no software (or platform) is downloaded, installed, configured, tuned or maintained. (No hardware or software to maintain or monitor). No capacity planning or pre-deployment tuning is required - on-demand scalability provides the best performance metrics automatically. No high-end HTTP expertise required to achieve most efficient content delivery - built-in caching automatically ensures the best possible performance.

Development costs

Role of "know-it-all" expensive full-stack backend developer eliminated. Majority of work performed by commodity client-side programmer, role of expensive server-side resource significantly reduced.

Hosting costs

Pay-per-use billing - pay exactly for what services and resources your website utilizes, base hosting fees lower than any competition. Avoid overpaying and risking underutilization of purchased resources and processing power.