Haphazard (or simply non-existent) approaches in other products replaced with elegant, consistent strategy featured in Slic
Ease of setting up WYSIWYG content editing on ALL website's pages
Full-featured, extensible content management application available out-of-the-box.

One common, consistent interface for managing all representations of content

Application-centric view of content prevalent in other competing products is replaced with content-centric view in Slic. This is made possible by consistent and strict representation of content - every content abstraction - whether simple objects representing images and other binary content or complex multi-field multi-hierarchical structures - has a schema representation in our repository. Content schemas are extensible, allowing you to match your specific requirements.

WYSIWYG in-context content editing

Many products feature WYSIWYG ability to manage content in a user-friendly manner but Slic takes it to an entirely new level. Tightly coupled with content definitions allows us to feature functionality no other competing platform is capable of supporting. In addition to standard ability to manage text and images, Slic provides advanced forms of managing - add, replace, remove, change order or visibility of - larger structures/blocks of content and collections thereof. Content object browser makes it possible to even manage attributes that are normally not displayed on the page.

Content management application (website admin)

One of the key components in Slic ecosystem of web-based tools is the fully functional, universal content management application, available out-of-the-box. Designed modularly, with AngularJS as its backbone, it is easy to evolve or augment its core feature set to meet custom needs.

Content authoring tools

Add new pages in a WYSIWYG manner without writing a single line of code. Developers create layouts, site editors use them to rapidly create pages, including pages that contain dynamic information. Basic free-form page builder is also available.

Managing images

Significantly enhanced feature set as compared to standard image manipulation methods seen in other products. Slic provides ways to pre-qualify or pre-transform images for specific sections of the site, designate images to only be used in specific areas on the website or create as many derived forms (thumbnails, mobile etc.,) as needed.