Automated. Intelligent. Integration.
Digital transformation is fueled by the adoption of cloud technologies, the multiplying of applications, and growing complexity of integration tools. What companies need is a low-code/no-code integration platform that can automate integration on a massive scale powered by AI.

Our Integrabot platform will help:

  • Automate back-end workflow processes
  • Business users build workflows with No-Code/Low-Code interface
  • Apply AI to assist business users make real-time decisions
  • Transform integration with intelligent automation.
Map. Build.
Innovate. Excel.
Netrovert’s mantra for AI-powered business transition from Data-driven to Data-centric model.
The first step in the transition is to understand and generate a data catalogue to map all the available data and respective interactions.
Use the data catalogue to build a central data model with data as the permanent & core component and all other applications & services aligned ephemeral around it.
Netrovert’s powerful, innovative AI and data intelligence practices make the transition simple & secure with data accuracy, integrity and timeliness as pivotal attributes.
The transition to data-centric model help enterprises excel like never before due to the 360 degree view of the business and the seamless data flow.
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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Our AutoML Approach
Change is constant and enterprises need to be on their toes to sense the next big wave in the digital transformation – AutoML, a contemporary practise of Netrovert to tap the full potential of machine learning.
We follow a 4-step framework to automate the ML process:
Data Collection and Integration
Data Pre-processing
Predictive Engineering and Data Model Selection
Model Interpretation and Prediction
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